To be the voice of Nebraska dairy farmers promoting growth, success, and sustainability.


Increase milk produced and processed in Nebraska

  • Increase the number of farmers
  • Recruit and develop next generation of dairy farmers
  • Recruit new processors

Influence Government

  • Reduce Cost of Business 
  • Economic development
  • Maintain and build local, state and federal relationships

Provide continuing education for farmers

  • Support Nebraska Extension
  • Promote Nebraska Extension
  • Partner with other agriculture groups


  1. Retain lobbyist to monitor and represent NSDA at State Legislature
    Participate in a coalition of other commodities to support policy initiatives that impact all of agriculture.
  2. Maintain contact with state and federal legislative delegation to communicate issues that impact dairy.
  3. Join with other regional dairy associations to communicate a consistent message for the industry.
  1. Work with the Grow Nebraska Dairy coalition of stakeholders, to promote Nebraska within the dairy community, focused on creating markets and attracting processors.
  2. Encourage existing farmers to explore new technologies, through sharing information, tours and farmer meetings.
  3. Promote opportunities to encourage the next generation to stay involved in dairy.
  1. Partner and support with Nebraska Dairy Extension to offer workshops and educational seminars.
  2. Support the I-29 Moo University as they bring educational seminars and tours to the region.
  3. Host an Annual State Convention, bringing farmers and allied

Constitution of the Nebraska State Dairy Association

(1) This association shall be known as the Nebraska State Dairy Association (NSDA). ~ amended 02/19/2008

(2) The principal place of transacting the business of this Association shall be where the Secretary-Treasurer or the Official Agent of the Nebraska State Dairymen’s Association has residence in the State. ~ amended 02/19/2008

(3) The general nature of the business shall be the promotion of the dairy interest in the State of Nebraska.

(4) This Association shall contract no indebtedness and incur no liabilities whatever except by approval of its directors and in no case for an amount exceeding funds available for the current fiscal year.

(5) * Section 1.*
The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of nine active members with consideration given to the geographic distribution of the membership. The President shall appoint a nominating committee composed of three members of the Association at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting. The nominating committee shall submit to the members at the annual meeting three nominees for the Board of Directors. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Election may be either by ballot or acclamation.

Section 2.
The University of Nebraska shall provide an ex-officio board member from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. This person shall be responsible for authorizing the expenditure of NSDA funds received from the State Legislature for educational purposes.

Section 3.
The affairs of the Association shall be administered by the Board of Directors. The Board shall select its own officers: President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, at the time of the annual meeting.

Section 4.
Members of the Board shall serve three year terms. No person shall be eligible for more than two consecutive terms on the Board.

Section 5.
The officers of the Board shall hold their terms of office for the year following their election. No person shall be eligible to serve for more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 6.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall order all bills paid against this Association. All of said transactions are to be laid before the Association at its next annual meeting for inspection and approval. The President shall appoint an auditing committee.

Section 7.
The Board may engage an Executive Secretary-Treasurer or an Official Agent who shall conduct the day to day business on behalf of the Association. ~ amended 02/19/2008

Section 8.
The annual meeting of the members of the Association for the election of the Board and transaction of other business shall be held during the months of February or March.

Section 9.
This Constitution shall become effective immediately upon adoption and may be amended or changed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any called association meeting.

By-Laws of the Nebraska State Dairy Association

(1) Annual dues for producer members shall be fifty dollars per year. Annual Dues for Allied Members shall be $50.00. ~ amended 09/09/2010

(2) Written notice of all regular meeting of the Association shall be given by the Secretary-Treasurer or the Official Agent of the Association at least twenty days before the meeting. ~ amended 02/20/2008

(3) All meeting of the Board of Directors shall be called by the President or any three of the Board of Directors, notice shall be given to the members thereof, at least ten days before the meeting. Non board members may participate at the invitation of board.

(4) Any vacancy on the Board of Directors may be filled by appointment by the Board for the unexpired term.

(5) Any person may become a member of this Association. To be a voting and active member, annual dues must be current. Each paid membership will be allotted one (1) vote. No provisions are made for proxy votes. All memberships must be approved by the Board of Directors. It is further provided that when in the judgment of the Board of Directors an emergency exists they shall have the authority to change the membership fee to be effective until the next regular annual meeting of the Association. ~ amended 02/20/2008

(6) The Board of the Directors shall fix the salary or compensation of the Secretary-Treasurer or the Official Agent of the Nebraska State Dairymen’s Association, and may authorize the paying of actual expenses of the officers and directors incurred while transacting the business of the Association. ~ amended 02/20/2008

(7) These By-Laws may be amended or changed by a two-thirds vote of the directors present at any called board meeting.

NSDA Past Presidents (1885 – present)

2020–PresentMike GuentherBeemer
2012–19Bill ThieleClearwater
2010–11Doug TemmeWayne
2008–09Dave MurmanGlenvil
2006–07Doug TemmeWayne
2005Steve WolfeKearney
2004Ron MeyerRoca
2003Steve WehrbeinPlattsmouth
2001–02Jim HammBeatrice
1999–00Mike MalenaLeigh
1997–98Kenny CastBeaver Crossing
1995–96Greg RacickyMason City
1993–94David CrookHumboldt
1991–92Mike KnobbeWest Point
1989–90Tom KoneckyWahoo
1987–88Duane OstenColumbus
1985–86Dick JamesVerdon
1983–84Randy MeierGrand Island
1981–82George WoolseyInland
1980Marion CondonAurora
1979Robert PfeifferArlington
1978Menno MurmanGlenvil
1977Frank TimmermanPapillion
1976Gene TenhulzenPalmyra
1975Dwayne WittstruckMartell
1974Don OlsonMilford
1973Lea FairleyFairbury
1972Ted MartinArlington
1971Dale StahlyMilford
1970Ruben MeierGrand Island
1969Robert KoehlerFremont
1968LeRoy FickeMilford
1967Stanley JohnsonOakland
1966Claire WiltseLyons
1965Elton LuxLincoln
1964Eugene FlynnBlair
1963Willard HeyneUehling
1962Vernon HunekeWilbur
1961W.J. GrantOmaha
1960Joe MullerOmaha
1959Rudolf GriessAurora
1958Merle SeverePalmyra
1957Clinton StahlyMilford
1956Bernard HellbushHumphrey
1955Dave GrahamOmaha
1954Walter PfeifferArlington
1953John KolbOmaha
1952C.E. FuhrerOmaha
1951R.E. WagnerLincoln
1948–50O.H. LiebersLincoln
1947A.W. AndersonWest Point
1946Ed WittrockFalls City
1945H.H. JohnsonClay Center
1944John RhodesBeatrice
1943W.A. PetersonHarvard
1942M.G. KoserBuffalo, NY
1941George HaggerLincoln
1940Don MortonBeatrice
1939Harry SeverePalmyra
1938A.W. AckermannBennington
1937Fred EggerRoca
1936Sumner BarnellSutton
1935H.F. BrandtBeatrice
1934H.P. DavisLincoln
1933Dan StephensFremont
1932J.B. HigginsBeatrice
1931R.C. JohnsonMead
1930M.N. LawritsonLincoln
1928–29L.H. DaftLincoln
1927E.J. PetersSt. Michael
1926C.K. MorseCurtis
1925A.J. CutznerNorfolk
1924W.H. SwartsleyRiverdale
1923E.W. FrostLincoln
1922C.J. FurryFranklin
1920–21H.A. MorrisonCollege View
1919Jacob SassChalco
1918W.H. FergusenWoodlawn
1917O.A. SeverePalmyra
1916J.H. FrandsenLincoln
1915J.S. ClarkRavenna
1914E.M. LittleLincoln
1913R.W. McGinnisLincoln
1912C.F. SchwagerOmaha
1911E.T. RectorOmaha
1910Chas. HardingOmaha
1909A.L. HaeckerLincoln
1908A.E. WilkensonLincoln
1907H.C. YoungLincoln
1906H.C. GlissmanOmaha
1905L.D. StilsonYork
1904C.A. ClarkRavenna
1903J.K. HoneywellLincoln
1902E.S. SnivelyLincoln
1901J.H. RushtonFairmont
1899–00J.J. KingWest Point
1898George HaskallLincoln
1897F.H. VaughnFremont
1896E.F. HoweFairmont
1895B.R. SeoufferBellevue
1894W.A. CarpenterYork
1893Wm SuttonTable Rock
1892E.J. HainesAurora
1891J.H. RushtonFairmont
1890D.P. AshburnGibbon
1889J.W. LivinghouseGrand Island
1888J.C. MerrilSutton
1887W.G. WitmoreValley
1886J Dixon AveryFremont
1885S.C. BassettGibbon

NSDA Past Secretary/Treasurers (1885 – Present)

2020–PresentBrooke EngelmanJansen
2017–2019Roger SprakelCrofton
2010–2017Steve KyserBeatrice
2009Doug TemmeWayne
2007–08Lowell MuellerHooper
1987–2007George WoolseyInland
1985–86Don KubikLincoln
1969–84P.H. ColeLincoln
1947–68C.W. NiblerLincoln
1927–45L.K. CroweLincoln
1923–26M.N. LawritsonLincoln
1919–22J.E. PalmLincoln
1914–19R.W. McGinnisLincoln
1899–1914S.C. BassettGibbon
1897–98F.H. VaughnFremont
1888–96S.C. BassettGibbon
1885–87Prof. H.H. WingLittle Falls, NY